Women In  Tech  Hackathon 2022


March 25th - 27th, 2022
Language: English

During Women in Tech Hackathon 2022, we want to focus on building new ideas, prototypes and solutions for Peace and Security. The Hackathon will invite women lead and co-lead teams with products and scalable services in several Peace and Security.

The main goal of the annual Riga TechGirls Women in Tech Hackathon is to provide a safe, well organised and welcoming space for women to have their first attempt in a hackathon.This year together with TechHub Riga we bring together start-up founders with other team members, who are working in the field and experts to help them set up, develop and get ready to launch new ideas, initiatives, products and services.



Along with the main theme of the event participants will be invited to build their projects under specific tracks. Each track offers to specialise your project and work on ideas that fit under its description. Each track will also receive its own prize in addition to the main hackathon prizes. There will overall be 4-5 tracks within the hackathon. Here are some of the track suggestions:



Feb 26

Female Founders Brunch + Ideation workshop

March 21

Slack open, communication with participants in Slack

March 22

Invitation to all remaining participants to Slack

18:00-20:00 - Design thinking workshop

Link to event here: 


March 23

18:00-20:00 - Prototyping & tools workshop

Link to event here: 


March 24

18:00-20:00 - Team creation workshop

Link to event here: 


March 25

17.30  Team Registration and

application deadline

18.00  Hackathon opening ceremony

18.30  Hacking Starts

20.00  Checkpoint 1 (required)


March 26

09.30 Virtual coffee with organisers and Q/A

10.00  Checkpoint 2 (required)

17.00  Pitch video Workshop

19.00  Checkpoint 3 (required)

March 27

10.00  Last checkpoint (required)

14.00  Project submission deadline 

17.00  Final demos

18.00  Final jury evaluations

19.00  Closing ceremony & Awards

How does it work?


Let's start at the beginning - registration. If you wish to participate, you should register on the event platform. Once registered, you can either submit your idea and form a team or look for a team to join. This process is called ideation and team formation and is ongoing on until March 25th. 



The hacking starts on the evening of March 25th with a short opening ceremony explaining what's to come, introducing the prizes and evaluation criteria. Then you hack - work in teams and develop your ideas into solutions and prototypes. During the three days, there are four checkpoints with team mentors to ensure you are going the right way. It is mandatory for the teams to be at the checkpoints unless your team mentor tells you otherwise. Expert mentors are available for consultations and support. 


On March 27th, it is time for the final submission of your solutions, followed by demos and pitches in front of the jury. The jury chooses the winners, and they are announced right away. After the hackathon, there are no strings attached; you can freely continue the work on your ideas and solutions.  


To ensure great teamwork and results we are inviting experts in the fields of technology and security to join our forces! If you can spare anything from 2 hours on Saturday, March 26th please join our cause and register to be a mentor at the event website.

Register as Mentor



Best teams will receive prizes from our Partners and Riga TechGirls. Along with the main overall best prizes there will be special prizes awarded to the best ideas under each track. 



Each team will be assigned a mentor during the hackathon. The mentor will help you push you idea forward, suggest you further improvements and most importantly will be there to support you whenever you need. 

Katrīna Peipiņa

TechHub Riga

Partnerships Manager

Lauma Sīle



Regita Zeiļa

 Sociālās Uzņēmējdarbības Asociācija 

Executive Director

Antons Ruberts

Data Scientist


Lote Plezere


Product Manager

Viktorija Tihomirova


Junior UX

Elīna Lidere

LMT, Riga Techgirls

5G Innovation Lead, Co-creator

Karina Lapina

Startup Wise Guys

Head of Startup Scouting



And more...