Women. Technology. Sustainability. 2021.

March 8-14, 2021
Language: English

The aim of the hackathon “Women. Technology. Sustainability.” 2021 is to focus on building new ideas, prototypes, and solutions for Sustainability in the “New Normal”. 

The main goal is to provide a safe, well-organized, and welcoming space for women to have their first attempt in a hackathon.


As we all try to adapt to the new normal and find better ways to work, build and live in the future, the hackathon is calling for ideas that focus on 6 sustainability verticals, recognizing the importance of seizing the current moment to create better solutions in the long run:

Environmental sustainability and Green Deal

Circular economy & data

 Psychological sustainability

Emotional health and wellbeing in the long run

Motivational sustainability

staying motivated in remote setup and distancing

Working from home sustainably

minimizing the environmental impact while working fully or part-time remotely

Management sustainability 

tools, ideas, and solutions for managing sustainable business with exhausted teams, employees, and being an exhausted manager

Energy and engineering sustainability



March 8
18:00 - 20:00 - Hackathon week launch and inspiration event
Slack open, communication with participants in Slack

March 9
18:00-20:00 - Design thinking workshop

March 10
18:00-20:00 - Prototyping & tools workshop

March 11
18:00-20:00 - Team creation workshop
23:59 - Hackathon participant application deadline

March 12
17.30  Team Registration deadline
18.00  Hackathon opening ceremony
18.30  Hacking Starts
21.00  Checkpoint 1 (required)

March 13
09.30 Virtual coffee with organisers and Q/A
10.00  Checkpoint 2 (required)
12.00  Lecture “Support from Norway grants”
18.00  Pitch video Workshop
20.00  Checkpoint 3 (required)

March 14
10.00  Last checkpoint (required)
14.00  Project submission deadline 
17.00  Final demos
18.00  Final jury evaluations
19.00  Closing ceremony & Awards

How does it work?


Let's start at the beginning - registration. If you wish to participate, you should register on the Eventornado platform. Once registered, you can either submit your idea and form a team or look for a team to join. This process is called ideation and team formation and is ongoing until March 11. 



The hacking starts on the evening of March 12 with a short opening ceremony explaining what's to come, introducing the prizes and evaluation criteria. Then you hack - work in teams and develop your ideas into solutions and prototypes. During the three days, there are four checkpoints with team mentors to ensure you are going the right way. It is mandatory for the teams to be at the checkpoints unless your team mentor tells you otherwise. Response mentors are available for consultations and support. 


On March 14, it is time for the final submission of your solutions, followed by demos and pitches in front of the jury. The jury chooses the winners, and they are announced right away. After the hackathon, there are no strings attached; you can freely continue the work on your ideas and solutions.  


To ensure great teamwork and results we are inviting experts in the fields of Technology and Sustainability to join our forces! If you can spare anything from 2 hours on Saturday, march 13, please join our cause and register to be a mentor at Women. Technology. Sustainability. Hackathon 2021!  

Register as Mentor


Egita Poļanska

Startup Wise Guys

Program and Partnerships SEE, Venture Partner Italy

Diāna Lāce - Davidova



Regita Zeiļa

 Sociālās Uzņēmējdarbības Asociācija 

Executive Director

Aiva Staņēviča

Riga Techgirls


Asta Vasiliauskaite


Head of Digital

Karīna Lapina

Startup Wise Guys

Head of Startup Scouting

Elīna Smilga

Vidzeme Techgirls


Tabatha Soltay



Karina Vissonova

Institute of Advanced Design Studies

Founding Director

Līva Stūrmane

Latvijas eksportētāju asociācija "The Red Jackets"

Managing director

Monique Ho

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Organisational Strategist

Inga Berkovica

SIA Alter Labs


Andrii Shekhirev

Biocatalyst, Enzymity, Satori, Warpgate


Roland Kovács



Aivars Lipenitis

ENRIGA, Alchemist Accelerator, Blockchain Founders Fund

Development Director, Sales Coach, Expert

Simona Zdanavičiūtė

Viz B | Visualize Brand

Anthropologist | Business Culture Researcher | Producer

Diāna Butina

Riga TechGirls, Tilde

Co-creator and head of the mentorship program at Riga TechGirls, Head of Language technology business at Tilde

Elīna Lidere

LMT, Riga Techgirls

5G Innovation Lead, Co-creator

Katrina Krivenko

Anatomy Next


Leonids Maslovs


Engineering Manager

Alise Pizika

Rimi Baltic

Private label brand manager

Aleksandrs Popovs


Business Architect

Lota Plezere


Product manager

Rasa Gulbe

DATI Group, Ltd.

Board member

Dmitrijs Nikitins


Acting CTO

Mārtiņš Platais


Team Lead

Sandra Golbreich

Baltic Sandbox

CEO, co-founder

Zane Bojāre

Startup Wise Guys

Head of Marketing

Gatis Dukurs


Engineering Manager

Cornelia Dinca

Sustainable Amsterdam


Liga Jermolova


Intelligent Automation Developer



And more...