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From “Discover Tech” to “Women in Technology Hackathon 2021” to working at Printify — all within a year.

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Interview with Ance Bumbule, Designer at Printify.

Riga, Latvia — Pauls Siliņš, Co-Creator at Riga TechGirls interviewed Ance Bumbule, Designer at Printify for Riga TechGirls. Ance is a Graphic Designer with more than 8 years of experience. Currently working with Printify as a Designer for their Marketing Team, with aspirations to transition into Product Design. Her motto is: “Great design gives you great responses”.

PS: Before joining Printify and participating in the “Women in Technology Hackathon 2021: Women. Technology. Sustainability.” and the “Discover Tech” program, you worked as a graphic designer for an advertising agency. What made you want to switch to the IT industry?

AB: After my maternity leave, my previous employer made unreasonable demands that I wasn’t willing to go along with. It was a tough decision because I was really loyal to this company, but I decided to quit.
Then it dawned on me — what do I do now? With a two year gap in my resume, I decided I was going to start freelancing and help out with my husband’s company. I liked the projects that I worked on, but I also started to notice that these projects didn’t bring me the excitement and fulfilment that they used to. So I started to question — why am I doing these things?
That was the moment when I thought: “Is this it? Where do I go from here? How do I grow and change direction?”