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par tehnoloģijām un zinātni. Viena nedēļa lieliskā kompānijā, lai, praktiski darbojoties, izzinātu kādu aizraujošu tematu!

Vasaras skola notiks piecas dienas pēc kārtas no plkst. 9:00 līdz 16:30 Pārdaugavā/centrā

Divas tēmas 8-12 gadus vecām meitenēm un divas tēmas 12-16 gadus vecām meitenēm. 3 vasaras skolas notiks latviešu valodā un 1 angļu valodā. 

Digitālo prasmju meistarklašu programma “Cilvēcīgi par tehnoloģijām” veselības aprūpes speciālistiem sniegs kā praktiskas, tā teorētiskas zināšanas par ikdienā izmantojamām digitālajām prasmēm un rīkiem.

Programma ir izstrādāta sadarbībā ar Rīgas Stradiņa Universitāti un EIT Health, un norisināsies no 10. septembra līdz 28. novembrim, divas reizes nedēļā – otrdienās, ceturtdienās plkst. 18.00-20.00. Tā ikvienam interesentam ir pieejama bez maksas.

Vai tu vēlies saprast, kas tev patīk, padodas un izdosies, Karjeras vadības tiešsaistes programma ir domāta tev! 🤝
Ko tu vari sagaidīt no mums?
Zināšanas un Resursi: Video lekcijas, praktiski uzdevumi, tiešsaistes sesijas un klātienes pasākumi!
Kopienas Atbalsts: Satiec līdzīgi domājošos, kas ir karjeras maiņas sākumposmā. Apmainies ar viedokļiem, dalies ar pieredzi un saņem atbalstu!
Karjeras Konsultantu Atbalsts: Apmeklē vienu bezmaksas individuālu vai grupas konsultāciju ar karjeras konsultantu!

Start your career in tech



Start your career
in tech

If you’re having thoughts about a career change (or start) and you’ve heard some interesting things about the field of technology, then the programs here will help you understand the in’s and out’s of tech as well as help you reskill to begin working in the field.

This program is the first step in learning more about what technologies are available today and how they can help in any industry. The lectures provide a general insight into technologies, breaking the stereotype that IT is just programming. Working language – Latvian.
More than 15’000 participants.

Our mentorship program gathers professionals in the field of IT and tech with the goal of providing support to women developing their talents, taking their first steps in the IT field or advancing their careers further in this field.

More than 600 participants.

Riga TechGirls, in close cooperation with Accenture Baltics, is offering basic technology training for women in technologies and programming languages such as Microsoft .NET, JAVA, Scala, JavaScript and DevOps.

More than 1000 participants.

A fast-lane path to IT. In this program, women learn in-demand skills such as network protocols, customer support and encryption techniques that will have them job-ready in less than 6 months. No degree or experience required. Each year over 100 participants finish the course. 

400 graduates.


Build your Start-up

Riga TechGirls was created by start-up founders and thus one of our goals is to encourage new female founders and support the existing ones. The programs found here will be valuable both for fresh founders as well as ones that are already quite experienced and ready to share their knowledge with others.

Participants will have the chance to work with experts from different industries to develop innovative solutions to solve today’s most pressing challenges in these fields. Teams will be challenged to explore new ideas and create new technologies that can help create a more sustainable future. At the end of the hackathon, participants will present their ideas to an esteemed panel of judges, who will award the most successful projects with prizes.

The main goal is to provide a safe, well organised and welcoming space for women to have their first attempt
in a hackathon.
Around 100-200 participants annually.

This is a joint program of Riga TechGirls and Tech4Impact NGO (Uzbekistan), financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia. The goal is to promote the creation and development of technology companies founded and run by women in Latvia and Uzbekistan, ensuring female founders with the training, mentoring and experience exchange.

30 participants in Latvia and Uzbekistan.

As a part of ESI program, organized by Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and partners, that focuses on promoting and supporting sustainable and innovative business development,

Riga TechGirls created an elective study course available for all students in Latvia. The course is designed to promote equal opportunities and women’s involvement in innovation and technology development.


Course period: 22./23. Spring semester; 20.02.-31.03.


Improve your digital skills

No matter what’s your field, digital skills and tools can help make your everyday life easier and your work – more effective! If you are ready to learn and upskill yourself, then the programs here are perfectly suited for you. So far we have created programs for Teachers, Creatives, Healthcare professionals and NGOs but keep an eye out for this section as more programs will come!

The aim of this program is to provide participants with the digital skills and knowledge that is needed today so that they can fully continue their professional activities and improve their daily life using different modern technologies. Program was created for three specific audiences: teachers (done), creatives (done) and healthcare professionals (starts in March 2023).

4000 participants in 2022.

With the support from Google.org, during Q2 of 2023 we will launch a brand new digital skills program for NGOs. Similar to “Cilvēcīgi par Tehnoloģijām” programs for teachers, creatives and healthcare professionals, the program aims to teach the basic digital skills to anyone from NGOs free of charge.

Aim to recruit 2000 participants.